Purpose, I have purpose

I started this blog to sell my stuff. Then I didn’t post any stuff on here. Until Today.

I went here:

UK Natural Resources4 - Map

Yep, this is a map with a trail all over Scotland! I fell in love. This place feels like home to me and I have to go back!

I can bring people along with me, but the one thing I can’t bring is loads of stuff. So I am going to sell what I can.

I looked at several blogs by people who are traveling, and these guys:


inspired me to start this blog. You should check out the link and read all over the blog, not just their selling stuff pages. Because they are neat people!

I am going to list some cool stuff on here, and will probably link to all the other stuff I’m selling too. I already have about a dozen ebay auction up right now.

So, why would you keep up with my blog? Duh, if ya might wanna buy something, or are just very curious to see someone else’s clutter as they let it go.

I also hope you will follow me to be entertained. I’ll try to be funny whenever I can!

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One Response to Purpose, I have purpose

  1. criches6 says:

    Good luck! Worst case scenario? You’ve decluttered your house!


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