I haven’t quit selling stuff…

… I discovered FBA. What is FBA, you may ask? FBA stands for Fulfilled By Amazon.

Ever noticed when you buy something on Amazon, it could be sold by Amazon, or sold by someone else (called a third party merchant)?

Did you also notice that anything you buy on Amazon could be fulfilled by Amazon or by a third party merchant?

How does this work, exactly? Well, a third party merchant can fill his own orders. Or he can send them to Amazon’s warehouses beforehand, and when someone orders it, Amazon can fill the order for him.

There are fees, of course.

There are also advantages.

First off, a major advantage of selling things on Amazon is the worldwide advertising. Amazon is now the go-to place when people are shopping. It is often the first place people go to research a product, and they frequently buy it if the price is right.

Secondly, Amazon has state-of-the-art shipping with UPS. Many people are Prime members, which gets free shipping, and if not, you just have to order $35 or more to get free shipping. And its fast, too!

As a seller, who could top that? When I ship my merchandise in to Amazon, I get these great benefits.

The third, and to me, maybe the biggest, advantage, is that I can ship my stuff in to Amazon’s warehouse and forget about it.

Ok, I don’t completely forget about it. But I do mostly forget about it. I have to watch my Amazon seller page every day in case a customer emails me or complains about the order. I have to occasionally “re-price”, which means I check my prices and make sure that they aren’t way higher or lower than Amazon’s and every other third party seller’s selling my same item.

What I don’t have to do is organize the stuff, store the stuff, find each item to ship in time. Amazon is doing that for me!

Back to the fees: Is is worth it? Yes. If an item’s sale price will not net me what I want after fees, then I simply don’t list it and send it in.

I also don’t send in big, bulky things. Plus, there are some prohibited items, and some restricted items (such as clothing) that I don’t send in to Amazon.

There are so many things that I *can* send in, that I am busy enough! If I ever run out of stuff to sell…I will have met my goal!

One other thing to notice: Some things sell fast, some sell slow. The fast sellers, of course, get me money. The slow sellers? They will give me a trickle of passive income over a long period of time.

I love this method of selling stuff! I am using Amazon first choice of everything that will go there!

Here’s a link to my store:


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